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Supported Data Sources

kapa supports a wide range of data sources to ingest knowledge from. The following table provides an overview of the supported data sources and their corresponding integrations:

TypeSupported Data Sources
WebsitesWeb Crawling all webpages and documentation sits (e.g., Docusaurus, Readme, ReadTheDocs, MkDocs, Mintlify, GitBook, Gatsby)
GitHubIssues, Discussions, Files, Pull Requests, Codebase
Community DiscussionSlack, Discord, Discourse Forum, StackOverflow
Knowledge BasesZendesk Help Center, Zendesk Support Tickets, Confluence, Jira, Notion
API SpecsOpenAPI, GraphQL
Files & OthersCustom QA, YouTube, S3 Storage, File Upload
Missing a data source?

We're constantly adding new data sources to kapa. If you have a suggestion or need for a data source not listed above, please don't hesitate to reach out with your request. While the above are our official sources, we always work with our users to ingest other data types via custom integrations and solutions.