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GitHub Discussions

Using GitHub Discussions as a source allows kapa to pull Discussions from your public GitHub repository. This allows kapa to surface through conversations, extract valuable information and provide answers based on community-driven troubleshooting tips and technical discussions.

Step 1: Provide Your GitHub Repository URL

Connect your GitHub repository by filling out the "Owner" and "Name" boxes. If connected correctly, a purple text box will appear providing you with the "about" text from your repository.

GitHub Repository

Step 2: Configure Your GitHub Discussions

Once you've set up your repository you can configure a set of parameters in order to only provide kapa with the GitHub Discussions you find relevant.

  • Discussion State: Defines whether or not kapa should only ingest Discussions that are open, closed or both.
  • Discussion Age: Defines the time limit of which Discussions should be included in the ingestion, depending on their opening date.
  • Discussion Labels: Defines what labels a Discussion should have in order to be included in the ingestion.
GitHub Parameters

Tips & Tricks

  • Filter For Solved Discussions: Consider adding a filter to only add Discussions that have been resolved to ensure a solution is available.
  • Limit To More Recent Discussions: We've seen that the Discussions that are most valuable are usually those than have been open/closed in the last 6-12 months. This varies widely for every project though.