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Web Crawling

kapa provides a web scraping framework specialized on the online ressources of software companies. It is intended for scraping documentation, tutorials, blogs and other content developer facing companies create for their communities.


  • Easy-to-Use UI: Kapa offers a user-friendly interface for setting up and managing web crawls, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.
  • Comprehensive Site Support: Capable of crawling all types of sites, including those with complex structures or heavy use of JavaScript.
  • Dynamic JavaScript Rendering: Kapa can execute and render JavaScript, ensuring that dynamically generated content is captured during the crawl.
  • Multiple Start URLs: Users can specify multiple starting points for a crawl, allowing for comprehensive coverage of a site or collection of sites.
  • Sitemap Crawl Support: Kapa can utilize sitemaps to efficiently navigate and crawl websites, ensuring no important page is missed.
  • Date Filtering: Offers the ability to filter content by date, enabling users to target specific time frames for their data collection.
  • Automatic Updates: Once set up, Kapa automatically updates its crawls at frequent intervals, ensuring that the data remains current without manual intervention.

How It Works

Log in to the Kapa Platform and add a new "Web Crawling" source. From there, you can create a new crawl by providing the URL of the site you want to scrape. Kapa will then begin the crawl, capturing the content and structure of the site for use in your kapa instance.

Kapa Platform
Need Assistance with Setup? 🚀

Our kapa team is ready to support you in setting up your data sources. Don't hesitate to contact us for any assistance required.