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The kapa platform provides an integration to pull threads from Discord forum channels. Community Discord servers contain a lot of helpful information often in the form of support answers team members have provided. This integration supports only discord channels of type Forum.

Step 1: Install the Ingestor discord bot

The Ingestor can be installed through this link. By installing this bot you give the kapa platform the necessary permissions to pull data from your discord server. This is a seperate Discord bot from the discord bot used to interact with users.

Step 2: Choose a forum channel

The easiest way to get the id of the channel you would like to ingest is by copying the link to the channel. The id of the channel is the second id in the url.<SERVER_ID>/<CHANNEL_ID>

Step 3: Configure the kapa platform

  1. Create a new source in the kapa platform and select Discord as the source type.
  2. Paste the copied channel id into the Channel ID field. kapa will validate the Channel ID by checking if it has the required permissions to access it. If Step 1 was completed successfully this will pass.
  3. Use the optional configuration options as needed.
  4. Click Save