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GitHub Files

Using GitHub Files as a source allows kapa to pull files from your public GitHub repository. This allows kapa to tap directly into the ecosystem of project documentation, READMEs, and code examples giving kapa the opportunity to include relevant information on a project's current state.

Currently the following GitHub file types are supported:

  • Markdown Files (.md)
  • Jupyter Notebooks (.ipynb)

We're working on adding support for more file types in the future.

Step 1: Provide Your GitHub Repository URL

Connect your GitHub repository by filling out the "Owner" and "Name" boxes. If connected correctly, a purple text box will appear providing you with the "about" text from your repository.

GitHub Repository

Step 2: Configure Your GitHub Files

Once you've set up your repository you can configure a set of parameters in order to only provide kapa with the GitHub Files you find relevant.

  • File Types: Choose whether or not kapa should only ingest Files that are Markdown format, Jupyter Notebook format or both .
  • File Include Regex: Choose to include Files that contain certain words or sentences.
  • File Exclude Regex: Choose to exclude Files that contain certain words or sentences.
GitHub Parameters

Tips & Tricks

  • Selective Ingesting: We've observed that the adding too many files may add more noise than signal to kapa. Make sure to be selective when configuring which files to include.