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Zendesk Help Center

The Zendesk Help Center integration allows you to ingest articles from your Zendesk help center into kapa. The integration allows you to pull both public and private articles.

What are my configuration options?

You can configure the following parameters to filter your content to be pulled by kapa:

  • Categories: If you provide a list of categories kapa will only include articles from these categories.
  • Sections: If you provide a list of sections kapa will only include articles from these sections.
  • Keywords: You can filter out articles by keywords.

How do I ingest private articles?

To ingest private articles alongside your public content you simply need to configure an Admin Email and Api Token in the configuration screen in the kapa dashboard. If no credentials are provided kapa will only pull your public content. You can follow the guide in Zendesk Support Tickets to obtain the necessary credentials.