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Role-Based Permissions

In the Kapa platform, permissions are managed through a role-based system, ensuring that users have access only to the features and data they need. This system is divided into two main categories: team-based permissions and project-based permissions.

Team-Based Permissions

Permissions at the team level are designed to control what users can do within the team context, such as managing team members or permissions.

RoleCan Manage PermissionsCan Add MembersCan Delete Members

Project-Based Permissions

Project-based permissions are more granular and control access to specific actions within a project, like viewing project details or managing sources.

  • View Project: Users can view the project, including conversations and statistics.
  • Manage Sources: Users can add, remove, or update sources within the project.
  • Improve Answer: Users have the ability to correct an answer using the "improve this answer" feature.