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Common Questions

The kapa platform features a "Common Questions" tab where you can find automatically generated clusters of frequently asked questions. This is helpful to identify trends and topics that are most relevant to your users.

Analytics Common Questions

How It Works

  • AI-Generated Clusters: The AI algorithm groups similar questions, providing a clear view of the most common issues or topics users are asking about.
  • Automatic Titles: Each cluster is automatically given a title that summarizes the theme or the main question of the group, making it easy to understand at a glance.

Tips & Tricks

  • Minimum Conversation Threshold: For effective clustering, ensure you have at least 150 conversations within your selected time window. Increasing the time window can help in case you have fewer conversations.
  • Identifying Documentation Gaps: Applying a filter for uncertain questions can reveal clusters where kapa was less confident. These clusters often highlight areas where your documentation could be improved, as they represent common questions not adequately addressed by your existing resources.