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Zendesk Agent App

Kapa can be installed as a Zendesk support app. Kapa reduces the time your support agents need to answer tickets by immediately suggesting a reply based on all your knowledge sources as well as the full ticket history.

Zendesk Integration


Instant Response Drafting ⚡

Respond instantly with AI answers that are tailored to each customer's query. Kapa drafts a response based on the customer's question as well as the current ticket's conversation history and enables agents to insert the response with a single click.

Connect Your Knowledge Base 📚

Expand the depth of your customer support by connecting Kapa to an extensive array of knowledge resources. This can include Zendesk's Knowledge Base, past Zendesk Tickets, but also external documents and websites. See the the full list of supported Data Sources.

Multilingual Support 🌐

Support customers in their native language. Kapa supports 20+ languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more.

Modify AI Responses 🎨

Instruct kapa to modify its suggested answer. By default, kapa mimics the style of the conversation history. You can prompt kapa to change the style of the reply or ask it to include additional relevant information.

Zendesk Integration


Step 1: Share your Subdomain

The kapa Zendesk app is in preview mode and not yet publicly available on the Zendesk market place. Share your Zendesk subdomain with the kapa team and they will whitelist your workspace and share an installation link with you You can find your subdomain in the url of your agent workspace:


Step 2: Install the app

Use the link the kapa team shares with you to install the app to your agent workspace.

Step 3: Configure the app

After opening the installation link you will be prompted to configure the app. You need to provide two inputs:

  1. API Token: Ask the kapa team to share an API token with you. Note that after you save your settings this field will be shown as empty. This is expected as this settings field is flagged as a "secure" field.

  2. Product Name: The name of your technical product.

Note: in the API Token [Deprecated] field, you can input the string none. This field will be removed in the next update. You can always edit your app settings in the Zendesk Admin Center under Apps and integrations > Zendesk Support Apps > click on the settings icon on the app > Change Settings.

Zendesk Integration


What data does Kapa store when integrated with Zendesk?

Kapa retains only the last user question from each Zendesk ticket, used solely for generating user analytics like question count and common themes. Users have the option to set data persistence duration (e.g., up to a maximum of 60 days), aligning with our commitment to minimal data usage and privacy prioritization.

How does Kapa ensure the security of data?

Kapa employs stringent security practices including encryption of data both at rest and in transit, alongside other advanced security measures. Our ongoing SOC2 audit further demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high standards for data security and protection.

Does Kapa's use of AI impact data privacy?

When generating outputs, we send data to OpenAI. However, we have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with OpenAI, ensuring that data is handled securely. OpenAI does not retain this data for more than 60 days and never uses it for training purposes, aligning with our privacy standards.

Can I request more information about your security measures?

Absolutely. For detailed information or to request a SOC II bridge letter, please contact us. We're here to provide any information you need to feel confident about the security and privacy of your data with Kapa.

Does Kapa use ticket history data from Zendesk?

By default, the kapa Zendesk Agent App only takes into account the current ticket's conversation history. If you would like to extend kapa's knowledge with the content of your Zendesk helpdesk's ticket history, you can ingest that data in the kapa dashboard with the Zendesk Support Tickets data source integration.

Can we sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with Kapa?

Yes, we always suggest signing a Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) to address the transfer of data between Kapa and your company.