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Source Analytics

The kapa platform features a Source Analytics tab which shows you which parts of your knowledge sources are most important to answer user questions. Every answer kapa gives is backed up by parts of your knowledge sources. The kapa platform aggregates this information and shows you what fraction of total questions are answered by a certain piece of documentation.

Best Practices

Compare the importance of your different knowledge sources

When you open the Source Analytics tab you are presented with the most high level usage break down of your knwoledge sources. This lets you understand the overall importance of your different sources. In the example below you can see that 50% of all questions are referencing the documentation page while only 16% reference the forum This suggests that the documentation is much more important for answering user questions compared to the forum.

Source Analytics

Analyze what topics are most important to users

You can drill down into each knowledge source by clicking on it. In the example below you can see the different parts of expanded. This shows the most important documentation pages are the Widget Installation Guide and the API Quickstart. This kind of analysis quickly shows what areas of the documentation to focus on.

Source Analytics Drill Down