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Common Questions

The kapa platform features a Common Questions tab that shows which questions are asked most frequently. This is achieved by automatically clustering by similiarty all questions answered by your kapa instance.

Analytics Common Questions

Best practices

Find gaps in your documentation

If kapa gives an uncertain answer it could not find any content in your documentation to reliably answer the question, i.e. there is a gap in your content. Of course not every single question kapa receives is sensible and should be documented. The challenge is to find sensible and commonly asked questions/topics that are not documented well. To help with this the kapa platform clusters all of your uncertain questions separately. The most common uncertain questions represent the biggest gaps in your documentation and can be a great starting point to add more content.

Common Questions Uncertain

Edit your clusters

The clustering is fully automated and it is not perfect. We encourage you to view it as a starting point and refine it further manually. You can delete clusters if you find them irrelevant or do not agree with the clustering. You can also change the automatically generated titles for each cluster.


What time horizons can I look at?

Questions are clustered on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. You can switch the interval period in the UI and use the arrow navigation to go backwards and forwards in time. This allows you to analyze how patterns change over time.

Common Questions Controls

Why do I not see any clusters?

Your kapa instance needs to have had at least 150 seperate conversations in a time period before the platform starts generating clusters. The reason for this is simply that semantic clustering is not meaningful for small amounts of questions.