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Real-World Examples is deployed across 50+ projects across various platforms, enhancing developer experience through instant responses. Below are some example reference deployments across documentation websites, Slack communities, Discord channels, and through custom API integrations.

🌐 Widget Integrations​

See below for examples of how leading developer-facing companies have incorporated the "Ask AI" widget on their documentation sites, providing immediate assistance to users.

πŸ”· Prisma​

Available on Prisma's documentation pages. Visit Docs

Prisma Integration

πŸ—ΊοΈ Mapbox​

Integrated into Mapbox documentation for user queries. Visit Docs

Mapbox Integration

β­• CircleCI​

CircleCI uses the widget on their documentation site. Visit Docs

CircleCI Integration

πŸ“„ Strapi​

Strapi incorporates the widget within their documentation to assist users. Visit Docs

Strapi Integration

πŸ”‘ FusionAuth​

FusionAuth has integrated the widget on their documentation site to enhance user support. Visit Docs

FusionAuth Integration

πŸ’¬ Slack Communities​

The AI tool is active in various Slack communities, offering real-time assistance in dedicated channels:

πŸ“Š Mixpanel​

Over 7.5k members in the #ask-ai channel where kapa auto-responds to questions. Join Slack

Mixpanel Integration

πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ Mage AI​

A community of 3.5k members using #ask-ai where kapa auto-resonds to questions. Join Slack

Mage AI Integration

🌬️ Airbyte​

Assisting 17k members in the #ask-ai channel where kapa auto-resonds to questions. Join Slack

Airbyte Integration

🎧 Discord Channels​

Discord users also benefit from AI assistance in various communities:

🌠 OpenAI​

Available in the #ask-ai forum channel to auto-respond to questions for 100k members. Join Discord

OpenAI Integration

πŸš€ SST​

Offering help in the #ask-gpt forum channel to auto-respond to questions to 10k members. Join Discord

SST Integration

πŸŽ‰ NextJS​

Serving +30k NextJS developers in the #ask-gpt forum channel to also auto-respond to questions. Join Discord

NextJS Discord Integration

πŸ”Œ API Integrations​

Custom-built widgets using the AI tool's API:

🌐 Netlify’s "Ask Netlify"​

A custom-built docs widget on Netlify. Learn More.

Netlify Integration

🐍 Medusa's "AI Assistant"​

Another custom-built widget for Medusa. Learn More.

Medusa Integration

πŸ“š Toddle's "AI Co-Pilot"​

The Toddle team have built a full in-app co-pilot experience. Learn More.

Toddle Integration