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Feedback API

Guide to the Feedback endpoint that allows you to submit and manage feedback for responses The Feedback API allows you to submit feedback on a specific question-answer pair. By submitting reactions such as upvotes and downvotes, you can help improve the performance of

API Route

POST /query/v1/question-answer/<KAPA_QUESTION_ANSWER_ID>/feedback

Example Usage


curl -X POST \\

'\<KAPA_API_ENDPOINT>/query/v1/question-answer/\<KAPA_QUESTION_ANSWER_ID>/feedback' \\


-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \\

-d '{

"reaction": "my_reaction",

"user_identifier": "my_user_identifier"


Request Parameters

KAPA_QUESTION_ANSWER_IDstringThe unique ID of the question-answer pair for which you want to provide feedback
reactionstringThe type of reaction to provide ("upvote" or "downvote")
user_identifierstringA unique identifier for the user providing feedback


The response for the Feedback Endpoint will be a JSON object containing the following fields:

"total_upvotes": 10,
"total_downvotes": 3
total_upvotesintegerThe total number of upvotes for the question-answer pair
total_downvotesintegerThe total number of downvotes for the question-answer pair

These example responses demonstrate the JSON structure returned by the Feedback endpoint. By sending feedback, you can track accuracy of responses, help to improve its understanding of user preferences and provide more accurate answers in the future.